Rachael Keish, P.E., QSP/D, CGP & IGP ToR, ENV SP, ISI Verifier

Chief Executive Officer

Rachael has over 20 years of experience in civil engineering, specializing in stormwater and environmental compliance. She has water resources expertise with an emphasis on Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program planning, implementation and inspection. 

She brings extensive experience with municipal NPDES permits as well, focused on Phase 2 MS4 permittees. Rachael leads the state-wide CASQA Non-Traditional working group so that permitted agencies can collaborate on creative ways to meet permit requirements. She is well versed in CGP, IGP, and MS4 NPDES permit requirements including BMP installation and inspection, training, pH and turbidity sampling, pollutant source assessment, SMARTS data entry, and Annual Reporting.

Rachael’s recent assignments include construction management for large infrastructure projects, implementation of the agency municipal stormwater programs, and assistance with construction and industrial stormwater permit requirements. She also serves a pivotal role in the construction project environmental compliance, responsible for review and approval of construction submittals, regulatory agency interaction, and monitoring and reporting of field environmental compliance with CEQA/NEPA Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs, including 401 RWQCB, 404 Corps. and CDFW LSAA permit compliance.

As a spouse and a mother, Rachael understands the value that teaching, brings inside and outside the classroom.  She emphasizes training  for all staff and shares her expertise with clients in brown bags and all day workshops. Rachael is one of 126 CASQA qualified Trainers of Record in the state on the CGP, and one of the 171 Trainers in the IGP. Her students take advantage of classroom time and in-the-field experience to get the most out of their experience and her expertise.

When she is not working with clients or her family Rachael is active in the Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) chapter in San Francisco, serving as the Women's Leadership Program Chair. She organizes programs to develop fellow women leaders throughout their career. Rachael is also a Phase II California Stormwater Quality Association Non-Traditional Subcommittee Co-Chair and serves on the Public Advisory Committee for the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Authority.  Rachael has also served as the American Society of Civil Engineers SF Section Sustainability Program Chair.