San Felipe Creek Restoration Project, Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency

San Felipe Creek, located within Joseph D. Grant County Park of San Jose, was restored to improve streams, floodplains, riparian corridors, and wetlands to benefit native plants and animals. Road and trail improvements were also made to restore historical geomorphology and return water to the present landscape. This project mitigates approximately 7.28 acres and 9,021 linear feet of streams. This design-build restoration project consisted of the following elements:

  • Restore approximately 1 mile of stream
  • Protect, expand, and enhance habitat for plants and wildlife species and establish a functional community that promotes native biodiversity
  • Capture and retain water to sustain hydrologic resources, reestablish connectivity of tributaries and creeks, and reduce impacts to groundwater basin
  • Establish functional riparian and scrub communities at a variety of succession stages
  • restore and enhance existing on-site seasonal wetlands by installing exclusion fencing (for pigs and cattle) and conducting non-native invasive plant species control
  • provide upland habitat and refugia for species including California red-legged frog and California tiger salamander

Keish Environmental provided Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) oversight and inspected site to ensure design-build project was constructed on time and in accordance to 65% Design Plans. Keish Environmental Staff lead progress meetings, circulated weekly meeting minutes, reviewed Red-Lines, and provided inspection reports. Staff worked closely with Design team, Contractors, SCVWD, Regional Water Board, County Parks, and the Habitat Agency to ensure that all parties were in compliance with site’s permits, and all expectations were clear and met. Staff established project’s photo monitoring points for 10-year monitoring period.