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San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Crystal Springs/San Andreas (CSSA) Transmission System Improvements, Unincorporated San Mateo County, CA

This $99.7million water transmission system upgrade centers on the pipeline between the Crystal Springs Reservoirs (Upper and Lower) and San Andreas Lake, as well as the Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant. The project will improve seismic and delivery reliability of this transmission system. Construction consists of seismic and functional upgrades to the transmission pipeline, outlet structures, and pump station facilities. Rachael served as the project’s Qualified Storm Water Pollution Control Plan (SWPPP) Developer (QSD), responsible for amending the Kiewit Infrastructure SWPPP to fulfill all requirements contained in the State Water Resources Control Board statewide Construction General Permit for storm water. She also procured the dewatering permit for discharges to an environmentally sensitive creek habitat.